Information Equipment Systems

Compact vending machine

Smart card vending machine



  • Can be installed on a tabletop
  • Stores a total of 300 smart cards
  • A PC can be used as the operation controller
  • A commuter pass vending machine or counter processing machine can be connected

Main specifications

Outside dimensions 360 (H) × 170 (W) × 555 (D) mm
Weight About 20 kg
Printing system Heat-sensitive copying 8 dots/mm
Ticket issuing time 10 seconds or less
Smart card storage capacity 300 cards
Types of ticket issued Blank name ICSF, personalized ICSF, commuter pass

Commuter Pass and Prepaid Card Issuing Machine


Small printing issuing machine featuring small installation space and possibility of free layout
Various system configurations can be realized using a general-purpose personal computer


  • Commutation ticket
  • Plan ticket (large size ticket)
  • Shareholder courtesy ride certificate
  • Duty ride certificate
  • Ordinary ticket
  • Coupon ticket
  • Group ticket
  • Group division ticket


  • Compactness, low price
  • Composite ticket issuing including commutation ticket, large size ticket, coupon ticket, etc.
  • Online transmission