Industrial Systems

Automotive Electrical Equipment

Toyo Denki’s power electronics technology is contributing to advances in high-efficiency permanent magnet-type motors and control technology, aiding the market growth of electric and hybrid electric vehicles.


Supporting diverse vehicles

Solutions for the electrification of diverse vehicles ranging from passenger cars, trucks, and buses to compact industrial vehicles and large construction machinery

Customizable to specifications of customer

Customizable to the requirements of the customer and built around Toyo Denki’s core technologies for motors, inverters, and communications technology. Negotiable delivery to meet tight deadlines

Small lots for testing and research, up to commercial mass production

Support small lots for testing and research, up to commercial mass production.

Compact, lightweight, low-noise equipment

Maximum motor torque density: 20 Nm/kg
Maximum torque ratio cogging torque: 0.1% or less
(actual measured values from outer rotor type direct drive motor)

High efficiency and performance

Leveraging variable-speed motor drive technology developed throughout the Company’s history to supply high-efficiency, high-performance equipment designed and manufactured for vehicles.

EV/HEV Drive System

For passenger vehicle

Low-loss, high-efficiency drive motor to suppress system heat generation. The temperature rise is kept to a minimum under high load conditions, making it possible to keep the cooling system compact and lightweight and also providing for a reliable, long-life drive system.

Motor for EV

Inverter for EV

For construction machinery

Robust structure that is resilient to vibration and impact characteristic of tough construction machinery environment. The system uses regenerative operation to store power from the energy generated under high frequency use.

For bus

A power bus system using a series hybrid that integrates the engine with the power generating motor, which makes it possible for a more compact layout that requires less space on the vehicle side.

Performance on an individual output basis

Established track record in development and production combining an output range of 0.5kW to 110kW with a direct current drive voltage range of 40V to 600V.


In-wheel motor