Corporate Information


Head Office

Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu Building 5F 1-4-16, Yaesu, Chuou-ku, Tokyo, 103-0028, Japan
Tel: +81-3-5202-8121
(Please contact us in English.)

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General Affairs DivisionTEL:+81-3-5202-8121 Human Resources Division TEL:+81-3-5202-8121
Management Planning DivisionTEL:+81-3-5202-8122 Financial Affairs DivisionTEL:+81-3-5202-8123
Audit DivisionTEL:+81-3-5202-8139

Business Unit

Transportation Business Unit
Transportation Business Planning Division TEL:+81-3-5202-8126
JR Group Sales Division TEL:+81-3-5202-8127
Commuter Rail and Subway Sales Division TEL:+81-3-5202-8128
Engineering Division TEL:+81-3-5202-8129
China Sales Division TEL:+81-3-5202-8130
Global Sales Division TEL:+81-3-5202-8131
Industry Business Unit
Industrial Systems Planning Division TEL:+81-3-5202-8132
Sales Division 1 TEL:+81-3-5202-8134
Sales Division 2 TEL:+81-3-5202-8134
Sales Division 3 TEL:+81-6-6313-1306
Sales Division 4 TEL:+81-3-5202-8135
China Sales Division TEL:+81-3-5202-8133
Engineering Division TEL:+81-3-5202-8136
IT Business Unit
Information Systems Planning Division TEL:+81-3-5202-8137
Information Systems Sales Division TEL:+81-3-5202-8137
Monitoring and Control Systems Development Division TEL:+81-3-5202-8138
Business Development Division
Business Development Planning Department TEL:+81-3-5202-8125