Information Equipment Systems

Remote Monitoring Systems

Toyo Denki provides customers with systems that enable vehicle monitoring such as for delivery trucks, as well as warehouse temperature monitoring and electricity monitoring for offices and plants. These easy-to-use and affordable systems include the M2M Solution that leverages cellular networks and cloud servers for simultaneous monitoring and control, and electricity visualization solutions.

Customer Needs

・Easy-to-operate and affordable monitoring and control for vehicles and remote equipment
・Simple and affordable system building
・Monitoring in locations where dedicated wiring is not feasible
・Rapid response to irregularities
・Remote maintenance of facilities and equipment
・Prevent malfunctions and irregularities
・Realize traceability and security measures
・Monitoring device usable in severe conditions
・Monitoring device supporting Controller Area Network (CAN)

Solution Offered: M2M Solution

The M2M Solution is offered in a variety of configurations, focusing primarily on vehicle monitoring, equipment management, facilities management, and sensor monitoring. The solution leverages cellular networks and cloud servers to keep initial costs and monthly operating costs down.

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Customer Needs

・Monitor operating conditions for electricity, temperature, and humidity
・Collect base data for pursuing energy efficiency improvements
・Easy-to-use and affordable electricity visualization system for pursuing energy efficiency improvements
・Solution that does not require additional wiring
・Electricity visualization system that supports existing and temporary installations
・Solution that links with other systems

Solution Offered: Electricity Visualization Solution

This wireless solution enables the visualization of current energy consumption as a basis for pursuing energy efficiency improvements. A wireless and battery-free solution, it does not require additional wiring. Collected data can be generated as CSV data, outputted as graphs or linked with other systems.

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