Industrial Systems

Induction motor for inverter UF Motor

Low-noise, environmentally friendly motors for driving a variety of machinery.


Wide range of speeds

These motors are capable of continuous operation at a constant output, from 0min-1 to base speed, and from constant torque and base speed to maximum speed. A value of 0 min-1 means that the motors support stalling*1 as well as a wide power constant region*2 of 1:4 or more. This makes them a powerful solution for driving all manner of process lines.
*1 Stall time is determined by the motor’s stall time characteristic.
*2 The power constant range is determined by the motor’s design.

200kW 500/2,000min-1のトルク・出力特性

200 kW 500/2,000 min-1 torque/output characteristic

High response

Rotor inertia is low, which enables extremely fast speed control response. When used in combination with a VF66B series inverter, wide ranging speed control and high speed precision are added to the mix, making it possible to provide systems with the differential speed performance required by process lines.

Process line products

Process line products

Low-noise design

A special design enables a low noise level of 75 to 84 dB (A) for a single motor during inverter operation.

112,132,160L,180L 75dB(A1)
200L 78dB(A)
250S,250M 82dB(A)
315S,315M 84dB(A)


Number of poles 4 pole
Output 0.75~250 kW
Rotating speed 1,200/1,800min-1
Rated voltage 200/400V
Protection IP44
Attachment method Leg-mounted standalone (side) Options: Upright, flange-mounted
Overload capacity 150% for 1 minute
Attachments Optocoder, cooling fan, and PTC thermistor element