Information Equipment Systems

Commuter pass vending machine / Composite ticket vending machine

Desk type

Cabinet type

Toyo Denki develops and manufactures handheld terminals to issue tickets on trains and to support conductor operations.
In addition to fare collection, handheld terminals incorporate smart card readers to enhance service for customers with smart cards.
Terminals wirelessly receive reserved seating information, effectively streamlining the ticket checking work by conductors.


  • The customer is served from the front, which feels most natural.
  • The color LCD with touchscreen allows the departure, destination and connecting stations to be set on a map-type screen.
  • Handles a variety of tickets from smart cards to Edmondson old style tickets
  • Supports credit cards
  • Conforms to the security requirement specifications established by the ticket issuing and checking system committee of the Congress of Japan Railway Cybernetics
  • About 20% less standby power consumption compared with earlier models

Type of tickets handled and features

Type of tickets handled Medium Main ticket type
Smart card Smart commuter pass, smart passenger ticket
PET ticket Magnetic commuter pass, passage ticket, special ticket,
shareholder hospitality ticket
Large magnetic ticket Passenger ticket, express ticket, special ticket, one-day ticket,
group ticket, receipt, usage history, bus reference
Edmondson ticket Standard ticket, purchase certificate, shareholder hospitality ticket,
book of tickets, adjustment ticket, commuter pass purchaser ticket
120 mm ticket Credit receipt
Functions Operation Key functions
Commuter pass operations Commuter pass sales, change, cancellation, refund, bulk vending,
Counter operations Payment processing, forced exit, confirmation, charge,
ICSF issuing
Passenger ticket operations Passenger ticket sales, cancellation, refund, reissue
Deadline operations Deadlines, manager deadlines, start of sales, end of operations
Other Fare inquiries, issue of receipts

Main specifications

Vending machine unit Standby power consumption 130 VA or less (including operation indicator, function button,
journal printer, customer display)
Dimensions Cabinet type: Approx. 350 (W) × 650 (H) × 725 (D) mm
Desk type: Approx. 850 (W) × 750 (H) × 725 (D) mm
Issuing time Smart cards: 6 seconds or less
Magnetic tickets: 3 seconds or less
New ticket storage Smart cards: 115
Magnetic tickets: PET tickets 225, roll paper 1 roll
OS Windows Embedded Standard 7, 32 bit
Security Conforms to the security requirement specification established
by the Congress of Japan Railway Cybernetics
Operation indicator 15-inch full color LCD touchscreen
Applications: Staff operation interface
Function button Light-emitting button with buzzer
Applications: Staff operation interface
Journal printer Thermosensitive
Applications: Printing various logs
Customer display 7-inch full color LCD
Applications: Display the price to the user