Industrial Systems

Battery Simulator

Dynamic power circulation is possible by combining our dynamo with a battery simulator with a maximum output capacity rating of 750 V and 1,200 A.

System configuration

This system reduces power consumption by regenerating the power absorbed by the dynamo and then circulating it back to the battery simulator.


Control Models

Basic control Fixed voltage mode
System startup Fixed current mode
Fixed power mode
BTS mode (simulates resistance loss within battery)

Basic Specifications

Output voltage 100–750 V (Operable range 50–750 V)
Fixed current 48–1,200 A
Control accuracy Control Mode Fixed Voltage Mode Fixed Current Mode Fixed Power Mode
Control accuracy* ±1 V ±3% FS ±5% FS
Response time* 30 ms 10 ms 150 ms

*Please inquire with Toyo Denki regarding control accuracy and response time.