Information Equipment Systems

Electricity Visualization Solution

Toyo Wireless Measurement System

The Toyo Wireless Measurement System enables electricity visualization in a wireless and battery-free configuration.

System Configuration Example

東洋ワイヤレス計測システム 概念図
  • Wireless
    Wirelessly transmits measurement data.
    No fussy communication cables.
  • Battery-free
    Powered by the measurement object. No need for a dedicated power supply.1
  • Easy installation
    Compact size with internal wireless antenna.
    Current sensor installs with just a clamp.2
  • Computer-free
    Available data receiving unit eliminates need for on-site computer.3
    Also supports CSV output via USB memory and Web browser, and Modbus/TCP connection.

1 Analog sensor and pulse sensor require the use of an AC adapter.
2 Connection cables required except for current sensor.
3 Supported on μTURTLE-RW only.

Application Example

Data Collection Using Computer

On-site computer to view data at the site.
Data can also be used via CSV output.

LAN-Based Centralized Management

Connect data receiving units to on-premises LAN, to manage over a wide area from a single computer.

Data logger
(no on-site computer needed)

Output CSV files either online (LAN) or offline (USB memory).

Wireless input from third-party equipment

Supports Modbus/TCP for connecting to measurement and control equipment from other manufacturers. Measurement data is outputted through the LAN.

Data storage and visualization using FTP server

Store measurement data using an in-house FTP server, enabling data visualization using μTURTLE-Monitor.

Wireless Specifications

Item Specification Remarks
Type Specified low-power radio
Communication distance 20 m
Output 1 mW
Frequency 315 Mhz band
Transmission speed 250 kbps
Relay function Yes Equipped on individual sensors
Number of connected nodes Max. 64
Transmission interval 1 minute to 24 hours Determined by number of registered sensors

Software Specifications

Item Data collection program μTURTLE-Report μTURTLE-Monitor
Supported OS Windows XP, Vista, and 7 (Japanese version)
Minimum requirements 256 MB RAM
10 MB hard drive space
512 MB RAM
50 MB hard drive space
(including database)
Monitor resolution 1024×768 (XGA) or better
Interface RS-232C port - USB port, Ethernet
Associated software - Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel
Features Sensor registration/deletion,
specified/regular collection,
CSV manual/automatic output
Excel format conversion,
item/period selection,
electricity level data collection
Graph display (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly),
dual graph comparison,
report output