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Direct Drive Motor

Direct Drive MotorDirect Drive Motor

Our direct drive motors deliver high torque as well as acceleration performance and high-precision control that are not possible with conventional speed reduction mechanisms. This makes them optimal for the manufacture of high-grade film.


Customizable high-torque, super low-speed motors

These motors deliver a high torque/super low speed of about 8,000 Nm/20 min-1. We offer motors with the torque and rotating speeds that meet our customers’ demands.

External view of a direct drive motor

External view of a direct drive motor

Low noise, low maintenance thanks to gearless design

The use of a direct drive motor frees you from troublesome gear maintenance and contributes to low-noise systems that last longer.


Diagram of application to a film manufacturing system

Optimal for high-grade film manufacturing

These motors employ a 25-bit high-resolution encoder. Combine them with a VF66SV servo amp to enable super high-precision speed and drawing control. Furthermore, there is no gear backlash, making them optimal for high-grade film manufacturing.
*Detailed specifications are provided on here.

VF66SV servo amp

VF66SV servo amp

Specifications (sample)

Customizable according to customer requirements

For driving casting rolls
Output 11 kW
Rotating speed 0~20 min-1
Rated torque 5,252 Nm
Max torque 7,878 Nm

For driving tenters/extruders
Output 55 kW
Rotating speed 0~300 min-1
Rated torque 1,751 Nm
Max torque 2,626 Nm
Common specifications
Starting torque 150%
Overload capacity 150% for 1 minute
Protection IP42
(fully enclosed splash-proof design)
Cooling method Stator water cooling
Insulation type F
Temperature rise F rise
Lubrication method Grease lubricated
Sensor 25-bit high-resolution encoder
Use environment Ambient
-10~40 °C
95% RH or less
Elevation 1,000 m or less