Materials procurement

Policies and Guidelines for Procurement

The Toyo Denki Group will, in its procurement of raw materials, services, etc. for the products that it supplies to customers, engage in practices mindful of society’s expectations concerning human rights and the environment, and in doing so will advance sustainability initiatives and will work together with suppliers to help realize a sustainable society.

  1. Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Social Standards
    We will comply with the laws, regulations and social standards applicable in the countries or regions where we conduct procurement activities.
  2. Respect for Human Rights
    We will comply with international human rights standards and prohibit all acts of discrimination, including forced labor and child labor.
  3. Environmental Considerations
    We will take into consideration the impact on climate change and biodiversity, and engage in procurement activities that reduce environmental impacts.
  4. Quality
    We will fulfill our responsibilities as a supplier by putting quality first, complying with all applicable quality and safety laws and regulations in the countries or regions where we conduct procurement activities, striving to maintain and improve product quality, and providing products that meet safety standards. To this end, we will establish and operate a quality management system for procurement of raw materials, services, etc., and comply with applicable quality-related laws and regulations as well as requirements agreed upon by the Group.
  5. Establish Business Relationships for Mutual Development
    By enhancing communication with our suppliers and deepening mutual understanding, we aim to build relationships of trust and build business relationships for mutual development.
    1. Provide fair and equitable trading opportunities to suppliers
    2. Ongoing collaboration to meet quality requirements set by the Group and maintain and improve technical capabilities for product manufacturing
    3. Establish and maintain a system for the stable supply of products
    4. Disclose sound and stable business management, management policies, and management status to enable ongoing transactions.
    5. Prohibit the acceptance of entertainment, money for personal gain, or inappropriate gifts from suppliers that exceed socially accepted standards.
  6. Occupational Health and Safety and Health Management
    We will engage in procurement activities that take into consideration the maintenance of an appropriate working environment, health and safety, and the health of our workers. In addition, by strategically implementing health management for workers, we will promote initiatives to revitalize the organization, such as improving the vitality and productivity of our workers.
  7. Proper Management of Information
    We will properly manage and protect confidential information, personal information, intellectual property rights, and other information between our suppliers and the Group, as well as within our suppliers, and prevent the leakage of such information.
  8. Responsible Minerals Procurement
    With regard to mineral resources contained in parts and materials, we will promote efforts to eliminate minerals (conflict minerals: tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold) that may lead to financing of forces involved in regional conflicts that cause serious human rights abuses.
  9. Chemical Substances Management
    We will promote initiatives for the appropriate management of chemical substances and other substances that pose a risk to the body and the environment to ensure that they are stored, used and handled safely in compliance with laws and regulations.
  10. Management of Chemical Substances Contained in Products
    We will comply with laws and regulations regarding specific substances contained in our products and promote initiatives for appropriate management.
  11. Relationship with Antisocial Forces
    The entire organization shall take a firm and resolute stand against unreasonable demands by antisocial forces, and shall not have any business or other relationship with antisocial forces.

Revised in December 2023