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Vibration Control of Railway Vehicle by Traction Motor Torques

牧島 信吾、永井 正夫
Shingo Makishima, Masao Nagai

This paper presents a method to suppress the vertical bending vibration of electric railcar by using traction motor. Dynamics of the truck with parallel cardan drives can be controlled by torque of the traction motors. This paper proposes a control scheme to reduce vertical vibration of truck frame by the traction motor torques, and shows that they can decrease vertical bending vibrations of carbody. The motor torques are added with the traction torques of the control scheme in reverse phase for two traction motors of a truck, and they are designed based on the sky-hook control theory. The simulations show that the control scheme using traction motor torque improves ride quality level about 9dB at the center of carbody.

近年の鉄道車体は車体の軽量化が進んでおり、省エネルギー化・高速化や地盤振動低減に大きく貢献している。しかしながら、車体の軽量化により車体曲げ剛性が低下し、車体の曲げ振動(弾性振動)が増加する傾向にあることが指摘されている(5)。特に車体の曲げ振動のうち、図1に示すような一次モードの固有振動数は7 ~ 10Hz程度であり、乗客が上下振動に対して敏感な周波数帯域と一致する、そのため,高速化や快適性の要求水準向上といった理由とあわせて、車体曲げ振動の増大による乗り心地悪化が問題となっている。
車体曲げ振動の増大に対し、これまでに様々な曲げ振動の低減方法が提案されており、乗り心地向上に貢献している(6)~ (10)。しかしながら、これまでに提案されている振動低減方法は、いずれも車体もしくは台車への部品追加やハードウェアの改造を必要とする。特に、車体曲げ振動をアクティブ制御(7)(8)で抑制するには、新たなアクチュエータが必要なだけでなく、アクチュエータを駆動するためのエネルギー源を確保する必要があるという問題がある。


Torque response characteristics of high response and high frequency inverter (VF66C)

北条 善久、大森 洋一、田中 康司、石内 宏樹
Yoshihisa Hojo, Yoichi Ohmori, Koji Tanaka, Hiroki Ishiuchi

In recent years, in consideration of energy issues and environmental concerns, development of EV and HEV becomes popular.
As motor used for engine of EV and HEV becomes compact size, light weight, and high output, the demand for speeding up is growing.
To conduct the performance evaluation test for this high-speed motor and gear unit connected to high-speed motor, dynamo which is possible for more high-speed drive than high-speed motor and its driver are needed.
In addition, the cases which motor is used as an alternative to engine are at the evaluation test for gear unit connected to engine are increasing. In this case, high-speed torque control response is needed to simulate torque fluctuations of engine.
To meet these demands, we developed high-speed, highly-responsive and high-frequency inverter "VF66C".
Performance of VF66C is shown below.
Maximum output frequency: 1500Hz
Maximum number of rotations by six poles motor: 30000 min-1
Maximum torque response frequency: 1500Hz

This paper reports our evaluation for torque response characteristics of VF66C using our highest speed PM motor as product under test.


大容量AC サーボの開発
Development of Large Capacity AC Servo Drives

高橋 一樹、大森 洋一、鬼塚 勇一、小谷 郁雄
Kazuki Takahashi, Yoichi Ohmori, Yuuichi Onituka, Ikuo Kotani

Our company sells ED motor(Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) and is receiving popular from our customer.The ED motor is improved the loss from 40 to 50% compared with IM(Induction Motor) and contributes to the global environment conservation. Moreover,inertia moment of ED motor is small and reduced by 30~70% for our UF series IM and ED motor achieved the improvement of the speed response.
Furthermore the market of miniaturizing of the motor and making to high performance is demanded. Then we have commercialized S-DSD(Slender Dynamic Spin Dynamo) and H-DSD(Heavy-Dynamic Spin Dynamo).Those motors are low inertia and used automobile tester.
On the other hand,our intelligent inverter ED64sp provides with the speed sensorless vector control and vector control by speed sensor.That inverter corresponds to various usage. In addition,we restyled the inverter device and began sales of the VF66B series inverter in 2008.The VF66B has the following feature.
• Five modes per one are installed.
• Customizing function corresponding to drive system.
• Decrease of running cost.(ED motor is used)
• Design and adjustment with personal computer.
By using the technology of our such motor and inverter,we start the development for large capacity AC servo VF66SV and introduce VF66SV in this report.

当社では埋込式永久磁石形同期電動機EDモータを販売し顧客に好評を得ている。このEDモータはIM(誘導電動機)に比べ損失が40 ~ 50%改善され、地球環境保全に貢献するものである。また、EDモータは弊社IM同一枠番で約2倍の出力が得られGD2はIM比30 ~ 70%が低減されたことにより、速度応答性の向上を実現している。
加えて、モータの小型化や高性能化の市場の要求があり、低慣性EDモータであるS-DSD(Slender-Dynamic Spin Dynamo)およびH-DSD(Heavy-Dynamic Spin Dynamo)の製品化を行ってきた。 S-DSDは高速高出力、 H-DSDは低速高トルクの低慣性EDモータであり、主に自動車試験装置に適用されている。


横浜新都市交通株式会社2000 型車用VVVF インバータシステム
VVVF Inverter System of Series 2000 Train for YOKOHAMA NEW TRANSIT Co., Ltd.

飯田 哲史、金 鳳哲
Norifumi Iida, Fengzhe Jin

From the spring of 2011, a new train set of series 2000, has been introduced to Kanazawa Seaside Line for the YOKOHAMA NEW TRANSIT Co., Ltd. This new train set is adopted induction motors and a Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) inverter system for the first time for the YOKOHAMA NEW TRANSIT Co., Ltd.
Our company worked on VVVF inverter system, auxiliary power supply system, traction motors and master controller etc. as the electrical equipment for the series 2000. This article descrives the VVVF inverter system for the new train set of series 2000. The VVVF inverter system adopted FL built-in VVVF inverter equipment structure realized miniaturization and light weight of VVVF inverter system.

また、この2000型新造車用システムは、当社においても初の直流き電新交通向けVVVFインバータシステムである。本VVVFインバータシステムは、小型・軽量化を図り、フィルタリアクトルを内蔵したほか、強制風冷方式による主半導体の冷却と2 in 1方式IGBT素子の採用などに特長がある。

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