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Triangle Wave Comparison Modulation for Matrix Converter Miniaturization

佐藤 基、大森 洋一
Motoki Sato, Yoichi Ohmori

Matrix Converter is an electrical power converter which can output arbitrary magnitude voltage of arbitrary frequency. In general, power circuit of the Matrix Converter is composed of 18 IGBTs stand for insulated gate bipolar transistor or 9 RB-IGBT stands for reverse blocking IGBT. This paper discusses The IGBTs are cooled down by using a fin made by aluminum for heat sink in the Matrix Converter.
In order to achieve the miniaturization of the heat sink, switching loss reduction is useful. Meanwhile, LC filter is connected between voltage source and input of the Matrix Converter in series for filtering input current harmonics. Thus, control switching of the IGBT with input current harmonics reduction is useful for the LC filter size miniaturization.
This paper proposes 3 novel controls of Matrix Converter based on triangle wave carrier comparison modulation that uses middle phase conduction ratio. All methods are designed to improve the input current harmonics and the switching loss compared with conventional method. This paper discusses among each method characteristics. In conclusion, proposed method 2 and 3 do not demand a complex algorithm. Numerical simulations confirm the effectiveness of switching loss reduction by method 2 and the effectiveness of source current harmonics reduction by method 3.

図1にマトリックスコンバータ主回路を示す。この回路は直接形3相/ 3相マトリックスコンバータ、あるいはダイレクトマトリックスコンバータなどと称されるものである。


A Study on Incipient Damage Monitoring in Rolling Contact Fatigue Process using Acoustic Emission

大場 宏明、ムハマド ジアウル ラーマン、山本 隆司、吉岡 武雄、神長 史人
Hiroaki Ohba, Md. Ziaur Rahman, Takashi Yamamoto, Takeo Yoshioka, Fumito Kaminaga

Acoustic Emissions (AE) technique was applied to rolling contact fatigue tests with radially loaded two rollers running under constant load and velocity to detect the incipient damage and damage location. Signals detected from contacts were processed using signal conditioning and enhancement techniques by an AE source locator to bring out the difference between the signals from the sound and damaged rollers. It is found that AE hit counts pulse observations by the AE source locator can provide an indication of the damage at its very initial stage. The conventional AE parameters and AE signal features were studied, and correlated with AE source locator counts. Results obtained demonstrate the successful use of the AE monitoring combination with the AE source locator as a new technique for detecting incipient damage and forecasting the position of the damage in roller, and thus allowing the user to monitor the rate of deterioration of the rolling elements.



Development of μGPCdsP (Development of the PLC type DSP device)

鬼塚 勇一、小谷 郁雄
Yuuichi onituka, Ikuo kotani

Our company develops, commercializes motor and inverters that drive the motor, and is delivering a lot of changeable velocity drive systems to the customer. And the μGPC series is developed as a digital controller which generalizes this changeable velocity drive system and controls so far and it has offered it to the customer.
Figure 1 shows the basic configuration of our drive system.μGPCsH is the latest digital controller of the μGPC series, and it controls by operating the ED64A inverter and the VF66B inverter by the field bus in this Figure 1.
And, cyclic time of the field bus is 1-3mS in every one inverter, and a real-time earlier feedback control is done from this on the inverter side. Then the control function and the sequence function is installed, and the user can customize the real-time, changeable velocity application to our inverter easily.

そして、フィールドバスのサイクリック時間は1局のインバータ毎に1 ~ 3mSであり、これより更に早いリアルタイムなフィードバック制御はインバータ側にて実施している。ここで、当社では1990年代に制御用演算をモジュール化したスーパーブロックを開発し、近年はこれをVF64AにHC機能、VF66Bには制御ブロックとして展開してきている。このカスタマイズ機能によりユーザは、リアルタイムな可変速アプリケーションを容易にカスタマイズすることができる。


VF66B 中・大容量シリーズ
The Inverter Series VF66B (Middle & Large Capacity Type)

中西 俊人、山本 知信、加藤 英郎
Toshihito Nakanishi, Tomonobu Yamamoto, Hideo Kato

Up to now, our company has sold the VF64 series and the ED64sp series. These are widely used in the application fields of fan pump, the print machine, and the film processing line, etc. Especially, ED64sp drives a permanent magnet synchronous motor (ED motor), and decreases the loss greatly compared with a past induction motors. Therefore, the running cost and CO2 have been reduced.
This time, we are developing next generation inverter VF66B series. VF66B is an inverter that has both past VF64 and ED64sp performances, and pursued easiness to use. The VF66B series is corresponds to RoHS directions, and an inverter easy as for the environment. In this paper, it introduces Middle & Large capacity type (11-1000kW) of VF66B that completes commercialization.

をコンセプトとした、欧州のRoHS指令に対応した新しい標準インバータとして、次世代インバータVF66シリーズの開発を進めており、2008年には小容量シリーズとしてVF66Bの2.2 ~ 7.5kWについて発売を開始した。今回、このVF66B小容量機に引き続き、容量を従来のVF64シリーズ,ED64spシリーズ(以下64シリーズ)と同様な容量範囲を拡大するVF66B中・大容量シリーズ(11 ~ 315kW(単機)、~ 1000kW(並列))の開発を完了した。VF66Bの中・大容量シリーズでは、小容量シリーズと同一の制御回路やオプションを採用しており、主回路・電源回路・構造部分を新たに開発した。本稿では、VF66Bの中・大容量シリーズへの容量拡大のほか、顧客の使い勝手をサポートするパソコンツール(PCツール)、通信オプション類の開発も完了したため、これらを合わせて紹介する。

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