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The Matrix Converter using middle phase conduction

佐藤 基、大森 洋一
Mooki Sato, Yoichi Ohmori

The matrix converter is a power converter which has several merits compared with conventional Rectifier / Inverter system.
During past two decades, the matrix converter has been paid attention because of its attractive features such as sinusoidal input current waveform, size reduction, and realization of high efficiency by using a novel IGBT with reverse blocking, etc. Therefore, the matrix converter has been widely researched until today.
This paper describes some control methods of matrix converter based on direct AC/AC conversion which are induced by calculation of input current duty to a middle phase. Moreover, this paper proposes a novel matrix converter control theory. The proposed method is carried out enlarging output voltage of the matrix converter without input current harmonics rise. As a result, the effectiveness of proposed method is shown by simulation and experimental results.



比叡山鉄道株式会社 鋼索鉄道架線レス車両システム
Catenary-less System for Funicular Railway of Hieizan Railway Co., Ltd

星 吉輝、矢達 悦典
Yoshiteru Hoshi, Yoshinori Yadachi

The Sakamoto cable railway is a scenic funicular railway running between the Cable Sakamoto station and Hieizan Sancho station in Otsu, served as main approach route to the Hieizan Enryakuji temple. It runs through seven bridges and two tunnels, and the length of the railway is 2025m, the longest of its kind in Japan. Funicular cars run on the inclined rail by attaching to a steel cable driven by an electric winding machine on the top station. Formerly the power was supplied through the headlight, tail light, and interior light of the funicular cars by overhead catenary line via pantograph. Considering the reduction of the maintenance cost and environmental impact, catenary-less system has been developed. To introduce this catenary-less system, funicular cars are equipped with a battery to be charged while the car is stopping at top or bottom stations. Power is supplied by the battery while the car is running. We worked on newly developed main electrical equipments such as DC power unit, battery, interior lighting, tail light, etc. We modified the pantograph so that the car can run with the pantographs raised when there is no catenary line along the running path.


Detection system of highly accurate rotation phase

小谷 郁雄
Ikuo Kotani

In this report, detection system of highly accurate rotation phase which is produced with our industrial control device is introduced. It is not to mention that detection of rotation phase and position is applied to many areas such as machine tools, industrially use robot, mounter for printed wiring board and transportation devices. moreover, each of detection method of rotation phase and position have differences corresponding to the device, and needs construction of most suitable firmware by using sensors and hardware according to the functions and purpose. Our company has worked on developing highly accurate synchronous control and draw control among plural motors. From the late 1990s we have been producing sectional drive of offset rotary press and shipping many electrical equipment for rotary press machine. This synchronous control among plural motors is to maintain the rotation phase of each high speed drove motors steadily in high accuracy, and can be said as a kind of position control device.
This synchronous control is usually run continuously at top speed, without deceleration movement or stop movement. To do so, followings are necessary.
(1) High performance inverter and motor (2) Appliance of modern control
(3) Real-time and highly accurate phase and speed command system (4) Real-time and highly accurate phase and speed feedback system
Since above mentioned items 1 to 3 are already introduced, we would like to explain about detection system for highly accurate rotation phase produced for our synchronous control and draw control, which is related to item 4.

この同期制御は減速動作や停止動作を繰り返すこと無く、通常トップスピードにて連続して運転されこれを実現するためには、 (1) 高性能のインバータ装置とモータ
(2) 現代制御理論の適用
(3) リアルタイムで高精度の位相及び速度指令システム
(4) リアルタイムで高精度の位相及び速度フィードバックシステム

VF64A/ED64A シリーズ(インバータ装置)
VVVF Inverter Series VF64A / ED64A

山本 知信、竹下 直樹、中西 俊人
Tomonobu Yamamoto, Naoki Takeshita, Toshihito Nakanishii

The interest on environmental burden is rising in the world, for example, CO2 reduction as the counter measure of global warming, improvement of recyclables and restriction of hazardous substances. In the meantime, the European Union (EU) has directed "RoHS" under the policy of environmental protection to the electronic and electric equipment sold after July 1 2006.The use of lead, cadmium, mercury, the hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDE in the Europe are strictly prohibited by RoHS directions. The industrial inverter is exempted from RoHS direction currently. However, the demand of the environmental consideration design in the industrial applications is increasing.
Therefore we have developed the novel inverter VF64A series and ED64A series as our standard products and have developed its options. According to our environmental consideration, the VF64A series, the ED64A series and its options do not contain hazardous substances which are restricted by RoHS directive. The VF64A series, the ED64A series and its options up to 11kW~315kW are developed and commercialized.

現在、産業用インバータはRoHS指令の該当品目ではないが、当社標準インバータであるVF64A/ED64Aシリーズ及びオプション製品等に対し、規制6物質の使用を廃止し、RoHS指令に適合したシリーズとして11kW~315kW を開発・商品化したので紹介する。

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