東洋電機技報 第108号

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Electrical Equipment of the Vehicles for Ueno Monorail

森 和俊、野村 英児、海老原 万里、花岡 幸司
Kazutoshi Mori, Eiji Nomura, Masato Ebihara, Koji Hanaoka

The monorail vehicles used for Ueno Monorail Line of Transportation Bureau belong to Tokyo Metropolitan Government this time was transposed to the new model.
As our company supplied main electrical equipment to the vehicles, such as main motors, main control equipments, display of monitoring system, pantographs, and master controllers, the outline will be introduced as follows The central control equipment, traction VVVF inverter unit, static inverter unit for auxiliary powers, etc. are built in the main control equipment. The central control equipment has function such as train monitoring system and control commander system for inverter, data transmission and reception by control transmission with inverter unit, display of monitor at a driver's seat, and at central control equipment of other vehicles, and also it has functions, such as giving a torque command to the traction inverter unit.
The inverter unit and the traction motor were carried out with some arrangement from the general industrial use product of our company, and were introduced as an example which applied the general industrial product to the essential equipment of the railroad vehicles.

1.1 上野モノレールの概要
1.2 当社とのかかわり
1.3 車両の概要

Electrical Equipment of Type 2001 Electric Vehicle for the ARASHIYAMA and KITANO Line of Keifuku Electric Railway Company

登山 昭彦、畠山 卓也、大田 一之、山口 邦晴、小野 寛
Akihiko Toyoma, Takuya Hatakeyama, Kazuyuki Ohta, Kuniharu Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Ono

Keifuku Electric Railway Company made a new type 2001 electric vehicle. Keifuku Railway friendly called as "Randen" in Kyoto has two lines named Arashiyama Line and Kitano Line, respectively. The former Arashiyama Line connects Shijou-Ohmiya Station in the downtown of Kyoto City and Arashiyama Station near the northern side of Togetukyou Bridge in the Sagano Field. The latter Kitano Line branched off at Katabiranotsuji Station located on the mid point into the direction to Kintano-Hakubai Station that is famous with Kinkakuji Temple and Kitano-Tenmagu Shrine.
Type 2001 is the first VVVF inverter driven train for Keifuku Railway. This Paper summarizes the VVVF inverters, traction motors, driving gear units, current collectors, and the equipment for driver's cab delivered by Toyo Denki Seizo Company.


μGPCsx, the Latest Model of Toyo Digital Controller

平井 宏、鈴木 修一、久保 洋記、益田 晃、寶澤 学
Hiroshi Hirai, Shuichi Suzuki, Hiroki Kubo, Akira Masuda, Manabu Houzawa

Now, IGBT (Insulated Gate from Bipolar Transistor) is in use as the power circuit device of static inverter auxiliary power supply (SIV) for the electric railway vehicles. In our company, many products using IGBT have been produced, since first 3-level inverter with high voltage IGBT was developed on 1994. This time, our company supplied SIV to the renewed 8500 series electric train for Yamaguchi Line of Seibu Railway Co.
This paper introduces about 2-level inverter type SIV system of 8500 series electric train.



山崎 文雄
Fumio Yamazaki

New digital controller μGPCsx was commercialized as the inheritor model of our μ-GPCH. At the development of μGPCsx, the following important development targets was considered.
Concerning the hardware, computing speed is made as two times compared with μ-GPCH, and the occupancy volume is made less than 1/2. Fort the software, the function of the μ-GPC language and the programming tool was inherited, and suited making it develop. The major feature of μGPCsx are as follows.
・Improvement of the speed is attained and the enabled set scanning time from 1 msec.
・The miniaturization was attained and the the I/O module was made into the size of palm.
・Various system assemblies are offered and enabled to correspond up to the large-scale system from the small-scale system.
・The menu expanded to 50 or more kinds of modules is carried out, and is enabled to correspond up to the extensive system application.
・It is enabled to connect with the five or more open networks, such as Ethernet, DeviceNet, and PROFIBUS-DP.
・The programming tool is based on the platform of general-purpose Windows with personal computer, and enabled the remote programming / maintenance via network.


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