東洋電機技報 第107号

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A New Sensorless Vector Control Method for Induction Motor

桐谷 智明、大森 洋一、小林 弘和
Tomoaki Kiriya, Yoichi Ohmori, Hirokazu Kobayashi

We propose a new sensorless vector control method for an induction motor. This method applies a direct speed calculation algorithm to a flux feedforward type vector control method.
A speed calculation is performed with primary resistance identification and primary voltage estimation. With these methods, a speed control passing through zero frequency at slow acceleration has been achieved stably under full load condition. Motor parameters are measured automatically with auto-measuring function. And free starting for an induction motor at any rotating condition, even when magnetic flux is remaining or not, is realized smoothly.

(1) 低周波数で速度推定に大きく影響する一時抵抗が温度で変動する。
(2) 低速度での高精度なインバータ出力電圧の推定や制御が困難である。

Synchronous Control in Shaft-less Newspaper Rotary Press

? 邦佶、永井 秀憲、秋山 亨
Bangji Gong, Hidenori Nagai, Tohru Akiyama

The request on the driving system for a newspaper printing machine without line shafts is increasing because of saving installation space. For this reason, high accuracy electrical synchronous control is developed.
However, due to high inertia ratio and the mechanical resonance between the driving motors and press unit, it was difficult to construct stable synchronous control system with high performance. A newly synchronous control system is proposed for solving these problems. The developed control system was applied in a newspaper rotary press machine introduced in “drupa2000 printing machine exhibition” and was proved that it had excellent performance. Here, the new synchronous control system and its successful results of application for actual newspaper rotary press will be explained.



Approach Announcing Device of Train for Next Stop Station

海老原 万里、鶴岡 勇
Masato Ebihara, Isamu Tsuruoka

In-cab announcing device is developed which informs the train driver by synthesized speech that the train is approaching to next stop, and requests him braking operation if the train is entering with higher speed than the expected speed limit to stop successfully at the target position, comparing the output of speedometer and expected speed value calculated from remaining distance to the target.
This device not only announces braking operation but also makes warning signal when train speed exceeds the preset maximum value at normal movement.


Door Operating System for Passenger Coaches taking Safety into Consideration

久保 洋記
Hiroki Kubo

An intelligent pneumatic door operating system for passenger trains is developed taking fail-safe operation into account, equipped with interface function to train information system. Being designed as small size and lightweight with built-in CPU, this system is distributed to each door, which controls electro-magnetic valves for door operation and weakening of door operating force. Input and output circuits of the door control system are designed as the safety operation despite of the compact size.


工業洗浄装置 WASHER Z=不思議な力,水だけの洗浄=
Industrial Washing Equipment WASHER Z =The Wonderful Power, Washing only by water=
-Shot Blasting of Air Bubbles Demonstrates a Wonderful Detergency-


Toward abolition of specified chlorofluorocarbon and trichloroethane in components washing, our company has developed an original washing system; only the water is used instead of using detergents or solvents for washing. We have supplied many of these new washing systems to various industrial fields as a pollution-free washing system to be gentle for the earth.
For example, in the case of at cleaning of hole manipulated engine cylinder and crankcase, a wonderful detergent effect has demonstrated, and also for the metalworking components with much complicated configurations, or pressed molding components, this new system has been successfully applied.
Moreover in a plastic molding process, it has been demonstrated to easily remove fats and oils, and chips molding.
This paper describes the new industrial washing system of water shot blasting with air bubbles.

以下にこの原理を適用し当社が製品化した洗浄機WASHER Zを紹介する。

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